Connecting doctors

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Tele-Neurocritical Care

Our experienced team of neurointensivists, neurologists, and nurses treat and coordinate care for acutely ill patients 24/7 in the Neurointensive Care Unit (NICU) and ICU for stroke, brain trauma, and a wide range of neurological conditions. Our neurocritical experts also help develop multidiscipline, long-term care plans to optimally treat the patient’s neurological issues in the context of their total medical needs.


We provide patient evaluations and medical second opinions to assist physicians with challenging cases. We also provide expert opinions to physicians and hospitals who lack specific medical specialties.

Tele-ICU Staffing

We provide intensive care medicine consultations remotely and have additional expertise in neurocritical care medicine. Our team is trained and board certified in critical care medicine, neurology, and neurocritical care. As a complement to your existing critical care team or as a stand-alone service, we deliver evidence-based, quality focused critical care telemedicine.

Telehealth Systems Implementation

We work with hospitals to set up and integrate telehealth services across inpatient and outpatient environments. iDoc TeleHealth Solutions can also help you develop your own custom telemedicine system.

Secure telemedicine

consults for

doctors and patients

iDoc sessions are completely confidential and HIPAA compliant. Our private high-speed network provides secure direct visual communication and robust, multi-party video conferencing. Our software integrates directly with medical devices such as ultrasound, stethoscope, video-laryngoscopy and other peripherals. With an array of options such as robots, mobile smart carts, and fixed and/or mobile configurations, our technology platform is flexible and customizable to a wide variety of environments. We recognize your hospital has its own culture and unique needs, and we adapt to help you meet your patient care goals.

Our technology

The technology mediums we use to deliver our telemedicine services include: